Serjella Olive Oil

Our Origin

Our Story

Syria, from here the story began and from here it spread to the world. Syria is well known worldwide to be the origin of olive trees. The wild olive tree was first born then cultivated in Syria and Palestine around 6,000 years ago. The Phoenicians then spread the blessed tree and its products to the Mediterranean shores of Africa and southern Europe. The olive culture thus continued spreading with the expansion of the Greek and then the Roman civilizations to spread throughout and beyond the Mediterranean basin.

Mission of Serjella Olive Oil

Our Mission

Serjella’s long-term mission is to continue developing, marketing and distributing high-quality Syrian olive oil in local, regional and international markets to bring Serjella’s quality to worldwide recognition.

Our Vision

In Serjella, we look forward to achieve, maintain and improve excellence as one of the finest olive oil producers, guide communities to a healthy lifestyle by providing products of the highest quality and best.

Our Origin

Serjella's History
Throughout The Ages

Serjella has a story that must be told as it was established aiming to deliver the finest, original Syrian olive oil to all over the world. Let’s take you back to where we started!
Serjella is a leading brand in the olive oil industry and production that was established back in 2001 under the name of Near East Olive Products Company. It began growing up in the magnificent agricultural city of Hama among members of a hardworking Syrian family who turned their passion for olive oil into international trade, following their dream to deliver the finest Syrian olive oil to all the world. Which has been achieved in our time now where Serjella became a reference for the best Syrian olive oil at the local and international markets.

Serjella is one of the oldest Syrian cities, famous for its history of cultivating the finest and best types of olives in the world, which provided the opportunity to manufacture the finest types of original Syrian olive oil that was exported to Europe, making it one of the most prominent centers for the manufacture of the highest quality olive oil in the world.
The city of Serjella was built in the fifth century AD in a natural basin below the eastern slope of the Riha mountain. Scattered throughout the city are some of the remnants of ancient churches, tombs, various Roman baths, and villas. Nevertheless, it is the well-preserved remains of the ancient olive presses that capture the charm of this eternal city, making it an important reference for the origin of the olive oil industry in Syria and the world.