Serjella Olive Oil

From Harvest To Bottling

How it All Started

The day of harvest is always a day to wait for when you speak about manufacturing the best olive oil in the world. In Serjella, the harvest stage starts by picking the finest olives by skilled hands performing careful techniques to maintain freshness and ensure successful oil extraction.


From the Harvest to the Mill

After the Harvest stage the olives are quickly passed to the mill where they are first prepared by cleaning and washing with cold water, and then passed onto vibrating grates to eliminate all impurities.

Olive Oil Extraction

After washing and cleaning, turning olives into olive oil is done among 3 stages: Grinding, kneading and finally extraction. 

The first stage starts by Grinding the olives thoroughly until they turn into a paste-like texture. Then the Olives are crushed and kneaded in special mixers for a few hours.

Lastly the extraction process which is carried out by passing the olive paste in a centrifuge at a temperature less than 27 degrees Celsius, in order to extract the finest types of syrian olive oil.


Producing Serjella

Finally, the process of producing your premium Syrian olive oil, comes through storing the pressed olive oil in stainless steel containers under nitrogen and then filtering it in two stages until it is canned in Serjella bottles with best quality ever.