Serjella Olive Oil

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Known For The Highest Quality Olive Oil

Known for the highest quality, we were keen to provide two types of the finest original Syrian olive oil, which is distinguished by its wonderful taste, high quality and perfect texture that we are boasting them now: The extra Virgin Olive oil and the Virgin Olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil-min

Extra virgin olive oil

The word “virgin” indicates that the olives have been ground and cold kneaded to extract the oil, and no heat or chemicals were used during the extraction process.

Serjella extra virgin olive oil is distinguished by its fruity aroma and pungent flavor and is ideal for use in salads, sauces, appetizers, cold sauces and more. It also has many health benefits.

Virgin olive oil

Serjella virgin olive oil is distinguished by its balanced taste, which makes it the perfect choice for cooking and can be added to various salads, sauces and appetizers, and you can even add it to bread.

Virgin Olive Oil-min